Articole Utilizare Hipnoza in Domeniul Stomatologic

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Commentary – Defining Hypnosis Denal Anesthesia for the Hemophilic Patent

Dental Anaesthesia – Peter Thompson

Dental fear in children and adolescents- a comparison of forms of anxiety management practised by general and paediatric dentists

Effect of hypnosis on induction of local anaesthesia, pain perception, control of haemorrhage and anxiety during extraction of third molars- A case–control study

Effects of hypnosis on pain – Barber

Effects of Hypnotic Focused Analgesia on Dental Pain Threshold

Hypnosis and Dental Anesthesia in Children- A Prospective Controlled Study

Hypnosis in Dentistry

Hypnotizability and Dental Phobic Disorders

Is Hypnosis an Appropriate Conjunctive Treatment for Dental Phobia?

Nitrous Oxide and Hypnosis; A Combined Technique

Pain Management in Children- Developmental Considerations and Mind-body Therapies

The impact of hypnotic suggestibility in clinical care settings

The Mathematcs of Hypnosis and Pain

Use of Hypnosis in Dentistry


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